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2c Butterfly 1970 Pictorial: Major brown vertical colour shift & Total black omission (country name)4c Roses 1975 Pictorial 4cent on 8 cent Provisional issue two copies black ommission4c Puriri Moth 1970 Pictorial 6mm vertical colour shift4c Puriri Moth 1970 Pictorial Purple-brown background omitted
4c Puriri Moth 1970 Pictorial Yellow (wings) omission4d Puarangi 1960 Printed on chalk-surfaced paper6c Seahorse1970 Pictorial Olive colour omitted (with normal)9d New Zealand Flag 1960 Pictorial Red omission from flag in strip with normal & partial
$1 Coromandel Definitive (2003) misplaced perforations$1 Round Kiwi Definitive (1993) misplaced perforations2½d Titoki 1960 Pictorial major brown colour shift$3 Butterfly 1996 Yellow admiral butterfly grey & green ommitted
$3 Cape Kidnappers Definitive (2000) misplaced perforations40c Brown Kiwi Definitive 1988 double perforations50c Definitive Ailsa Mountains (2003) error “Solid” silver overprint (fern)50c Definitive Ailsa Mountains Normal silver overprint (fern fronds) Normal fern fronds plume
5d 1960 Pictorial: yellow colour shift

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“I cannot praise you enough for your excellent service over the years and my termination does not mean you have fallen out of favour as I will now spend time putting my lovely mess of a collection into order.  I have no intention of selling, only the enjoyment of study and organisation.   ” — I.P., Hartlepool, UK April 2013
“Lovely surprise my son who lives in Auckland arrived on a surprise visit for his dads 80th birthday and actually presented him with the Catalogue as a birthday gift. You can imagine his face he was so delighted. He will no doubt be interested in the updates etc. ” — J.J., England March 2013
“Library News - In the last issue of Captain COQK I reported that three issues of Stanley Gibbons Monthly Magazine were missing from the Library, and I asked that they be returned. This did not happen.  However, I must report that Campbell Paterson Ltd saw our plight and have offered to help us. To this end, Campbell Paterson Ltd have donated the missing copies to the Society. This generous offer was unexpected and on behalf of the Committee and members of the Society I wish to express our sincere thanks to Andrew Dolphin and Campbell Paterson Ltd. This generosity has enabled us to extend our holding of Gibbons Stamp Monthly to 2012 and means that we are almost complete from Volume 1. Thank you Campbell Paterson Ltd. 
— M.W, Librarian, Christchurch NZ Philatelic Society. March 2013
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Enter the Fascinating World of New Zealand Stamps

New Zealand – a small country of 4 million people in the South Pacific Ocean. One of the most beautiful countries in the world with a range of scenery and visual experiences matched by few countries.
New Zealand since 1855 has produced many of the most attractive stamp issues in the world – and some of the most interesting from a collector/specialist point of view.
Now travel further with us to get the flavour of what a small yet highly popular country’s stamps can be for philatelists. We at Campbell Paterson as leading New Zealand Stamp Dealers, have encouraged the collecting of New Zealand stamps for nearly 65 years, with monthly publications, full information-sharing service and a world-class loose-leaf colour Catalogue including all you could ever want to know about New Zealand stamps.
Warwick Paterson, Andrew Dolphin and Jill Wheeler from our Auckland Office and Derek Redshaw in the UK, are dedicated to providing for you a warmly friendly, informative and above all, very high quality philatelic service.
The traditions of market-leading stamp knowledge, unfailing integrity and sound business practice remain the cornerstone on which the business was established sixty-five years ago.
Now explore the website and find out what collecting the stamps of this small friendly country can mean in terms of lasting value and pleasure.

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